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Andrew Steckley - Extended Bio


Dr. Andrew Steckley has an unusually broad range of experience that includes applied engineering research, data science & machine learning, enterprise software design & development, and both technology and business management. He has designed hardware and software systems for several clients in the public and private sectors including Nova-Husky Research, FEMA, State Farm Insurance, IBM, and the State of Florida. He has also developed numerous innovative algorithms and machine learning models across several application domains.

After completing his B.A.Sc. in Engineering Science at the University of Toronto, he completed a PhD in Engineering at the University of Western Ontario. For several years, Steckley worked in the field of Wind Engineering at the world-renowned Boundary Layer Wind Tunnel Laboratory in Ontario, Canada.  There he was responsible for wind loading studies for many well-known skyscrapers, sports stadia, and bridges including the iconic Bank of China Building in Hong Kong and Husky Stadium in Seattle, as well as wind studies on the CN Tower in Toronto, and Sears Tower in Chicago.

After leaving BLWTL, he held a National Science and Engineering Council (NSERC) Industrial Research Fellowship with RWDI, an engineering consulting firm, where he designed and developed a state-of-the-art wind tunnel data acquisition system and analysis software called SPAN (Synchronous Pressure Acquisition Network). This became the core proprietary system supporting the firm's wind tunnel studies for some of the world’s largest and most recognizable engineering structures.

Steckley subsequently founded two successful engineering research companies. EnviroTech Research Systems Inc. designed, deployed, and maintained field data acquisition systems for collecting real-time meteorological data and then processed the data for use in environmental impact modeling for the petrochemical industry.  QuantumLynx Inc. developed software for GO Corporation's PenPoint operating system, as well as specialized engineering software applications for structural analysis and wind modeling. QuantumLynx also provided visual simulations and forensic analyses for an Ontario governmental investigation into an engineering disaster that had resulted in several deaths.

Steckley then immigrated to the US to work for Applied Engineering Associates, where he became a principal player in building and leading their Wind Engineering Group, a team of specialized researchers with advanced engineering degrees. The group was one of the most profitable consulting groups in the company for several years. While with ARA, he was responsible, individually and collaboratively, for a number of notable accomplishments, including:

  • Design and development of ARA's Insurance Portfolio Risk Management Software System

  • Software design and project management for multi-million dollar/multi-year development of Wind Hazard Risk Software for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) as part of their Hazus software tools.

  • Development of a novel system for deriving wind climate models from macro-scale pressure fields (performed under a National Science Foundation SBIR grant)

  • Development of hurricane simulation software for risk assessment of wind damages

  • Design and development of a software framework and its subsequent use in several graphical physics simulations for IBM's World Book Encyclopedia

  • Engineering research studies and software development for US Air Force, State of Florida, and other government agencies.

  • Authoring numerous technical presentations, papers, and journal articles


After leaving ARA, Steckley worked for such companies as EDS, BroadVision, and gaining a broad perspective on e-commerce, internet technology,  and business-related software applications.  He then became CTO of @Once Corporation, an online marketing firm in Portland, Oregon, where he helped to grow the company and successfully sell it to infoUSA.

While with @Once, Steckley designed and oversaw the development and deployment of “Jaguar”, the company’s core email generation engine. This system improved email delivery throughput by a factor of 18 over the company’s previous technology system.  Jaguar system was used to deliver billions of personalized email messages for clients such as Nike, Nintendo, Coca-Cola, Cingular, AT&T, and Home-Shopping Network. He was also the primary architect of the Tarantula software system, a webform deployment and content management system, employed by @Once and also licensed to, and marketed by, a private consulting firm. 

After leaving @Once, he provided software and technology management consulting services and development work for such organizations as Exempla Healthcare, (where he designed and developed VoIP applications which were deployed across their network of several thousand Cisco VoIP phones spanning multiple hospitals in the Denver area), as well as his former employer, infoUSA (where he provided evaluation and coaching in the management of their technology team and assistance in the advancement of their core technology platforms).

Steckley then co-founded PowerMand where he architected and developed the DreamWatts(r) system for internet-based residential and commercial energy management. This was one of the first successful "Internet of Things" systems on the market. The system was eventually sold and deployed in 4 countries (including the US, across 22 states), before the customer portfolio, IP, and associated patents were licensed in full to a private energy firm. He continued to provide services to the acquisitor to advance the software and hardware systems. This consulting work included the development of a proprietary on-premise interactive display capable of delivering features well beyond energy management, including home-health care communications and targeted home-owner advertising. 

After returning for a time to applied engineering research, as a senior research manager with Pacific Northwest National Laboratories where he contributed to smart-grid research and agent-based electric power grid simulation software, he was recruited back to the private sector by a small sales intelligence data company -- DiscoverOrg.

When he joined DiscoverOrg, it was a 7-year-old company of 88 employees and ~$22M in revenue, with an outstanding sales and business development team that was under siege by their own technology. Further growth in both customer base and feature offerings was being strangled by an unstable software platform that had hit its limits in scalability and capacity. He designed and oversaw a complete replacement of the entire suite of applications on a new technology stack, built up a talented organization of technologists, and moved everything to a cloud-based infrastructure, enabling the company to finally ‘break-away’ and grow rapidly, by just 3 years later, to 550+ employees and ~$160M in revenue.  This successful growth enabled DiscoverOrg to acquire several competitors, including ZoomInfo whose name it then adopted, and to undergo one of the largest technology IPOs of 2020.

With a new stable and scalable platform in place, and a solid team to take it even further, he turned his attention toward a strategic initiative to expand the company's product offering with predictive analytics and to develop AI approaches for automating and enhancing backend data processing. He established and led a fledgling team of data scientists to work in conjunction with the software development and research operations teams and to develop machine learning inference models and natural language processing algorithms for harvesting data, enhancing entities, inferring missing attributes, standardizing unstructured text fields, and classifying documents, all without losing the data quality of hand-verified content that DiscoverOrg had become known for. 


Dr. Steckley now divides his time between Steckley & Associates LLC, QuantumLynx Research, and Director/Advisor Board-level positions with technology startups.

Steckley & Associates LLC provides consulting services for technology management, predictive analytics, AI, machine learning, and software architecture.


QuantumLynx Research performs innovative private research and development projects in niche areas of AI and cryptography. 

His leisure time is spent writing, oil painting, woodworking, and enjoying the beauty of Idaho with his amazing wife, Kori, and spoiled French bulldog, Calliope. 

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