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What Other People Say ...

“Andrew’s leadership turned this was a remarkable feat ... there was not a single interaction that I didn’t enjoy with Andrew ... he saved DiscoverOrg...”

-- Henry Schuck

   CEO and Founder, ZoomInfo (formerly DiscoverOrg)

“The best thing we did was put Andrew in charge of the technology ...”
-- Dave Chen 

   General Partner, Olympic Venture Partners

“Andrew’s people skills, high intellect and energy, as well as creativity make a powerful combination ...”

-- Paul Woods, MD, MS

   President and CEO,  London Health Sciences Centre

"I have worked with Andrew in several different situations and circumstances. I have always found him to be extremely bright, dedicated, and committed to excellence. Andrew will go the extra mile to fulfill his responsibilities. He has broad experience in technology markets and very strong project management skills. But what I admire the most is his character."

-- Mark Reed

   Outside Director and Business Coach at the Riverside Company and other Private Equity Firms

"He built a technology team from almost nothing and led the architecture, development, and deployment of their entire next-generation SaaS platform. This was a complete redesign and replacement from the technology stack to the hosting environment. These undertakings are difficult when things are stable, but nearly impossible when the company is experiencing exponential growth. He pulled it off with a surprising level of stability and continuity."

--Matthew Tunnel

   CEO, Formos

“My team simply could not have been as effective as we were without Andrew’s support ... [we] were able to achieve unprecedented growth with Andrew’s help and adaptability...”

--Micheal Winston

   Sr Business Analyst, United Healthcare Group

“Andrew is a brilliant technologist with the keen ability to mobilize technology teams and get things done...”

--Mike Hits

  President, InfoGroup Interactive

“Andrew is an outstanding Technologist and Leader ... I was most impressed with Andrew’s ability to translate the business needs ... enlist the enthusiastic support and participation ... extremely honest ... straight-forward and open minded individual -- he is a person of unquestionable character!”

-- Bert Pelca

   VP Bus Dev, iChristian

“We worked closely together to create an algorithm that automated the work of over 200 manual researchers. While we were working together his careful attention to detail aided in growing the confidence of stakeholders to bring the algorithm, which was once only used within select teams, to become applied to all company-wide and product facing data. ”

-- Annelies Buck

   Business Intelligence and Data Analyst, Welocalize

"As CTO, he oversaw the company's total platform rewrite during a period of explosive growth. Not just growth of the company base and sales, but also growth of the development team and the maturity of software development practices. He navigated this well, ensuring the company's continuing success at the most critical time. In addition to his leadership role, Andrew has a strong background in data science and mathematics and was able to apply a deep understanding of AI/ML techniques to DiscoverOrg's unique data acquisition and processing challenges."

-- Michael Helmeste

   Director of Enterprise Architecture, DiscoverOrg

"It is always a joy working for, learning from and collaborating with Andrew. His patience, deep technical knowledge are rare combination in a manager."

-- Stephen Lang

   Senior Java Engineer


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